Donabate (IrishDomhnach Bat[2] is a small coastal town in FingalIreland, about 20 kilometers (12 miles) north-northeast of Dublin. The town is on a peninsula on Ireland’s east coast, between the Rogerstown Estuary to the north and Broadmeadow Estuary to the south.

Portrane or Portraine (IrishPort Reachrann, meaning “landing place of Reachrainn[1] (the nearby offshore island)) is a small seaside town one kilometre from, and merging into the larger town of Donabate in Fingal, North County DublinIreland.

The peninsula of Donabate and Portane forms a distinctive hammer-head shape. This is because each of the mouths of both estuaries surrounding the peninsula are partially closed by large sand spits stretching north to south. The northern spit contains Portrane beach which almost touches Rush South Beach but for a narrow channel entering the Rogerstown estuary.  A stretch of low limestone cliffs to the south of Portrane beach leads to Donabate Beach which is the east face of the southern spit. The southern Broadmeadow estuary is likewise almost completely enclosed and is fed by the Broadmeadow river. The shelter provided by the spits had made the estuaries important wildlife habitats and both are protected under the international Ramsar Convention.[4]

Rogerstown Estuary

Rogerstown Estuary is an important wetland habitat. It has several designations in recognition of this including that of Statutory Nature ReserveBird Watch Ireland owns land on both north and south shores of the inner estuary and played a large role in preserving the area in its natural state in spite of its proximity to large urban areas by purchasing tracts of land and entering into management agreements with the Council and landowners.[19] The Fingal Branch of Bird Watch Ireland operates two hides in Rogerstown which are wardened at weekends during certain times of the year.

Broadmeadow Estuary

Broadmeadow Estuary, like the Rogerstown Estuary, is designated a Special Area of Conservation (SAC) and Special Protection Area (SPA).[20] The estuary has an internationally important population of Brent Goose and nationally important populations of other species of birds.